Tires Service

Tire Installation – Proper installation enables tires to function fully and correctly. New and seasonal tire installations performed by Appalachian Tire include, among other things:
• Removal of the wheels
• Removal of the old tires from the wheels
• Inspection of lug nuts and wheels
• Installation of new valve stems as needed
• Mounting and sealing the new or seasonal tires
• Inflating and balancing each tire
• Replacing the wheels on your vehicle with the new or seasonal tires on them

Tire Repair – Regular tire inspection and timely repair can help keep you driving safely. Tire repair services performed by Appalachian Tire include:
• Dismounting and inspection of the tire to determine the cause of the inflation pressure loss and whether or not it can be repaired
• Flat-tire repair
• Repairs performed in accordance with strict industry standards
• Proper plugging and patching from the inside of the tire if suitable for repair
• Rebalancing of tire and wheel assembly
• Reactivating of tire pressure monitoring system(if applicable)

Tire Rotation – Avoid uneven treadwear and extend a tire’s life by rotating your tires. Rotating your tires means moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other, moving them from front to back, or a combination of both. This helps avoid uneven tire wear, which can lead to poor performance and decreased gas mileage. Your tire-rotation services include:
• Removing tires
• Inspecting the wear patterns
• Putting tires back on where they will wear most evenly
• Resetting the tire-pressure monitors as needed

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