Underground Mine Tires

Appalachian Tire has been operating in the coal fields since 1947. The result is a workflow with unsurpassed experience in underground mine tires.

To serve the underground mining community, Appalachian Tire sells and services the very best: Goodyear, Michelin, and Super Grip.

Goodyear underground mine tires provide a complete range of bias and radial mine tires to provide optimum tread wear, traction and cut resistance. Goodyear Permafoam provides a cushioned ride that never goes flat. Permafoam is a closed-cell material that completely adheres to the inside cavity of a tire. It is more versatile than solid-filled tires because they roll easier, last longer and absorb more shock.

For extra rugged worksites where high quality and productivity combined with long life under the harshest conditions are top priority, Michelin offers its line of radial Mining Tires. A unique rubber compound gives superior wear and prevents chunking while our advanced tire construction provides exceptional load carrying capacity and load stability.

Super Grip has a full line of mine tires and industrial tires for support equipment. Super Grip tires are designed to meet the needs of a quality minded tire looking for less down time.

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